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Put the Blame On Me – Elvis Presley – 1961

About The Song

“Put the Blame On Me” is a poignant and soulful ballad by Elvis Presley, released in 1961. This song reflects Presley’s ability to convey deep emotions through his voice. With a melancholic melody and heartfelt lyrics, the track explores themes of regret and taking responsibility for mistakes in a relationship.

Five Facts:

  1. Release Year: “Put the Blame On Me” was released in 1961 as part of Elvis Presley’s album “Something for Everybody.” The album featured a diverse range of songs, and this ballad stood out for its emotional depth.
  2. Songwriters: The song was written by Twyla Herbert and Fred Wise, who crafted a narrative of remorse and self-blame. The lyrics tell the story of a love gone wrong and the singer’s willingness to shoulder the blame.
  3. Chart Performance: While not as commercially successful as some of Elvis’s more well-known hits, “Put the Blame On Me” received positive critical reception. The song showcases a different side of Presley’s vocal abilities, highlighting his versatility.
  4. Recording Session: Elvis recorded “Put the Blame On Me” during a productive recording session in Nashville on March 12, 1961. The session resulted in multiple tracks that contributed to the “Something for Everybody” album.
  5. Cover Versions: Over the years, “Put the Blame On Me” has been covered by various artists, showcasing the enduring appeal of the song. Different interpretations bring new perspectives to the emotional weight embedded in the lyrics.



If they say we were doin’ wrong
If they say we were out too long
Well, you can say
My arms were just too strong
Put the blame, put the blame on me

Felt so good when I held you tight
Couldn’t stop when we kissed goodnight
So if they tell us we don’t heave the right
Put the blame, put the blame on me

What I feel is deep inside
This is real and I won’t hide
Go ahead, use my name
I’ll be proud to take the blame

You just did what I made you do
You love me and I love you
So if the way they talk can bother you
Put the blame, put the blame on me