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In Your Arms – Elvis Presley – 1961

About The Song

“In Your Arms” is a soulful and romantic ballad performed by the legendary Elvis Presley. Released in 1961, the song showcases Presley’s smooth vocals and is characterized by its tender and heartfelt lyrics. The melody, combined with Presley’s emotive delivery, creates a timeless love song that captures the essence of being held close in the arms of a loved one.

Five Facts:

  1. Release Year: “In Your Arms” was released in 1961 as a part of Elvis Presley’s album “Wild in the Country,” which served as the soundtrack for the film of the same name.
  2. Songwriters: The song was written by Aaron Schroeder and Wally Gold, who were frequent collaborators with Elvis Presley. They crafted a melody and lyrics that perfectly suited Presley’s vocal style.
  3. Film Connection: The song was featured in the movie “Wild in the Country,” starring Elvis Presley. In the film, the song plays a significant role, contributing to the emotional atmosphere of the scenes.
  4. Chart Performance: While “In Your Arms” may not be as well-known as some of Elvis’s other hits, it still performed well on the charts, reaching respectable positions in various music rankings.
  5. Musical Style: The song showcases Elvis Presley’s versatility as an artist. It blends elements of pop, country, and ballad styles, showcasing the singer’s ability to connect with diverse musical genres while maintaining his signature sound.



Oh, the way I feel tonight
You better wrap me up good and tight
In your arms
In your arms

Just like a bee in a honeycomb
I’m gonna make myself right at home
In your arms
In your arms

Well, it don’t take much to keep me satisfied
Just a little bit of lovin’ that’s bonafide
In your arms keep me tangled up all the time
Like a kitten with a ball of twine

Yeah baby, that’s where I want to stay
For the rest of my natural days
In your arms
In your arms