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I Want You With Me – Elvis Presley – 1961

About The Song

“I Want You With Me” is a song by Elvis Presley released in 1961, appearing on the album “Something for Everybody.” This track showcases Presley’s ability to infuse energy into his performances and maintain his signature rock and roll style. Here are five facts about “I Want You With Me”:

  1. Album Inclusion: “I Want You With Me” is featured on Elvis Presley’s album “Something for Everybody,” released on June 17, 1961. This album marked a departure from his earlier sound, exploring a more diverse range of musical styles.
  2. Songwriters: The song was written by Woody Harris, a songwriter who contributed to several songs recorded by Elvis Presley during this period.
  3. Chart Performance: While not as widely recognized as some of Presley’s major hits, “I Want You With Me” still managed to chart, reaching moderate positions on the Billboard Hot 100.
  4. Upbeat Rock and Roll: The song is characterized by its upbeat tempo and energetic rock and roll vibe, which aligns with the dynamic and lively performances that Elvis Presley was known for.
  5. Recording Sessions: The track was recorded at RCA Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee, and reflects the collaborative efforts between Presley and the talented musicians and producers who contributed to the creation of his music during this era.



When I was little, my mama said to me
“One day you’ll find a love to last eternally”
I want you with me everywhere I go
So please don’t leave me baby, I love you so

I’ll be the ruler of this whole wide world
If you will only say you’ll be my girl
I want you with me in everything I do
You know I need you baby, I’m in love with you

There is no mountain that I can’t climb
You find the mountain, child, and I’ll find the time
I want you with me, with me night and day
Well, you can make me happy baby, don’t you go away

I’ll swim an ocean with a raging foam
If I know that you’ll be there when I come back home
I want you with me, you know I love you so
Well, I want you with me baby, I’ll never let you go
Well, I want you with me baby, I’ll never let you go