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Anyplace Is Paradise – Elvis – 1956

About The Song

“Anyplace Is Paradise” is a rock and roll song performed by Elvis Presley, released in 1956 as the B-side to the single “Paralyzed.” The song showcases Presley’s energetic and charismatic vocal style and is a notable example of his contributions to the early rock and roll genre.

Five facts about Elvis Presley’s “Anyplace Is Paradise”:

  1. Songwriting Credits: “Anyplace Is Paradise” was written by Joe Thomas, who was a pianist and songwriter. The song reflects the upbeat and optimistic mood prevalent in many rock and roll tunes of the era.
  2. B-Side Success: While “Paralyzed” was the A-side of the single, “Anyplace Is Paradise” gained popularity in its own right, and Elvis fans appreciated its lively and danceable quality. The song’s catchy rhythm and Presley’s dynamic performance contributed to its appeal.
  3. Recording Session: The track was recorded during one of Elvis Presley’s early recording sessions with RCA Victor at the Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. These sessions played a crucial role in shaping Presley’s early career and establishing him as a rock and roll sensation.
  4. Musical Style: “Anyplace Is Paradise” features a blend of rockabilly and rhythm and blues elements, characteristic of Elvis Presley’s early recordings. The song’s lively tempo and upbeat instrumentation align with the energetic spirit of the emerging rock and roll genre.
  5. Cover Versions: Over the years, “Anyplace Is Paradise” has been covered by various artists, showcasing its enduring appeal. While perhaps not as well-known as some of Presley’s other hits, the song remains a testament to the enthusiasm and innovation that characterized the early years of rock and roll.



Whether I’m riding down a highway
Or walkin’ down a street
It makes no difference, baby doll
Wherever we chance to meet

Each time I hold your little hand
It makes me feel so very nice
Anyplace is paradise
When I’m with you

Whether we’re standin’ on your doorstep
Or sittin’ in a park
Or strollin’ down a shady lane
Or dancin’ in the dark

Where I can take you in my arms
And look into your pretty eyes
Anyplace is paradise
When I’m with you

Give me a cave up in the mountains
Or a shack down by the sea
And I will be in Heaven, honey
If you are there with me

Where I can kiss your pretty lips
See the love light in your eyes
Anyplace is paradise
When I’m with you

Baby, I’d live deep in the jungle
And sleep up in a tree
And let the rest of the world go by
If you were there with me

Where I could love you all the time
Baby, the jungle would be fine
Anyplace is paradise
When I’m with you