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Tryin’ to Get to You – Elvis Presley – 1956

About The Song

“Tryin’ to Get to You” is a classic rock and roll song recorded by Elvis Presley in 1955 and released in 1956. It showcases Presley’s raw and emotive vocal delivery, combining elements of blues and gospel. The song became one of his early hits and is celebrated for its soulful performance.

Five facts about “Tryin’ to Get to You”:

  1. Origin and Songwriters: “Tryin’ to Get to You” was originally written by Rose Marie McCoy and Charles Singleton. It was first recorded by the Eagles (not to be confused with the later band of the same name) in 1954. Elvis Presley’s version, recorded in 1955, brought the song widespread recognition.
  2. Sun Records Recording: Elvis recorded “Tryin’ to Get to You” at Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, under the Sun Records label. This was during the period when Elvis, Scotty Moore (guitar), and Bill Black (bass) were crafting the sound that would contribute to the emergence of rock and roll.
  3. Blues and Gospel Influences: The song incorporates elements of blues and gospel, reflecting Presley’s musical influences. His impassioned delivery and the soulful arrangement contribute to the song’s emotional depth.
  4. Cover Versions: Over the years, “Tryin’ to Get to You” has been covered by various artists, attesting to its enduring appeal. Notable covers include versions by Roy Orbison and The Eagles. The song’s timeless quality has made it a favorite among musicians exploring the roots of rock and roll.
  5. Chart Performance: While not as widely recognized as some of Elvis’s more famous hits, “Tryin’ to Get to You” performed well on regional charts. Its significance lies in its role as part of Presley’s early catalog, showcasing his evolving style and setting the stage for his monumental impact on the world of popular music.



I’ve been traveling over miles
Even through the valleys, too
I’ve been traveling night and day
I’ve been running all the way
Baby, trying to get to you

Ever since I read your letter
Where you said you loved me true
I’ve been traveling night and day
I’ve been running all the way
baby, trying to get to you

When I read your loving letter
Then my heart began to sing
There were many miles between us
But they didn’t mean a thing

I just had to reach you, baby
In spite of all that I’ve been through
I kept traveling night and day
I kept running all the way
Baby, trying to get to you

Well if I had to do it over
that’s exactly what Id do
I would travel night and day
And Id still run all the way
Baby, trying to get to you

Well, there’s nothing that could hold me
Or that could keep me away from you
When your loving letter told me
That you really loved me true

Lord above me knows I love you
It was He who brought me through
When my way was darkest night
He would shine His brightest light
When I was trying to get to you