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There’s Always Me – Elvis Presley – 1960

About The Song

“There’s Always Me” is a ballad recorded by Elvis Presley in 1960, known for its heartfelt lyrics and Elvis’s emotive delivery. Here are five facts about the song:

  1. Release and Chart Performance: “There’s Always Me” was released as a single in 1961, with “Judy” as the B-side. While it didn’t achieve the same chart success as some of Elvis’s earlier hits, it remains a fan favorite and has been praised for its emotional resonance.
  2. Songwriting Credits: The song was written by Don Robertson, a prolific songwriter known for his contributions to the pop and country music genres. Robertson’s compositions have been recorded by various artists, and “There’s Always Me” is one of his well-known works.
  3. Melodic and Poignant: The song is characterized by its melodic simplicity and poignant lyrics. Elvis’s soulful interpretation of the song adds depth to the emotional narrative, making it a standout track in his ballad repertoire.
  4. Album Inclusion: “There’s Always Me” was included in Elvis’s album “Something for Everybody,” released in 1961. The album showcased Elvis’s versatility, featuring a mix of ballads and more upbeat tracks.
  5. Cover Versions: Over the years, “There’s Always Me” has been covered by various artists, attesting to the enduring appeal of the song. Different interpretations have brought out various nuances of the heartfelt lyrics, making it a song that resonates across generations.



When the evening shadows fall
And you’re wondering who to call
For a little company
There’s always me

If your great romance should end
And you’re lonesome for a friend
Darling, you need never be
There’s always me

I don’t seem to mind somehow
Playing second fiddle now
Someday you’ll want me, dear
And when that day is here

Within my arms you’ll come to know
Other loves may come and go
But my love for you will be eternally
Look around and you will see
There’s always me