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The Diamonds – The Stroll – 1957

About The Song

“The Stroll” is a classic song by The Diamonds, released in 1957. Here are five facts about the song:

  1. Dance Craze Anthem: “The Stroll” is a song that became associated with a popular dance craze of the late 1950s called “The Stroll.” The dance involved a simple, strutting step and became a favorite among teenagers at the time.
  2. Chart Success: The song achieved commercial success, reaching number four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1957. Its catchy beat and association with a popular dance contributed to its popularity during the era.
  3. Cover of Clyde McPhatter’s Song: “The Stroll” was originally written and recorded by Clyde McPhatter, a rhythm and blues singer, in 1957. The Diamonds covered the song and achieved greater commercial success with their version.
  4. Vocal Harmony: The Diamonds were known for their tight vocal harmonies, and this characteristic is evident in “The Stroll.” The smooth vocal delivery and harmonizing contributed to the overall appeal of the song.
  5. Enduring Popularity: While “The Stroll” is often associated with the 1950s, it has endured over the years and is still remembered as a representative song of the doo-wop and early rock ‘n’ roll era. The dance and the song are occasionally revisited in nostalgic celebrations of 1950s culture.



Come, let’s stroll
Stroll across the floor
Come, let’s stro-oh-oh-oll
Stroll across the floor
Now turn around, baby
Let’s stroll once more

Feel so good
Take me by my hand
I feel so goo-ooh-ooh-ood
Take me by my hand
And let’s go strolling
In wonderland

Strollin’, oh yeah, strollin’ ah
Rock and ro-uh-oh-oh-oh-oh-llin’
Well rock my so-oul
How I love to stroll

There’s my love
Strolling in the door
There’s my lo-o-o-ove
Strolling in the door
Baby, let’s go strolling
By the candy store