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Mott the Hoople – All the Young Dudes – 1972

About The Song

“Mott the Hoople – All the Young Dudes – 1972” is a classic rock song that marked a turning point in the career of the British rock band Mott the Hoople. Here are five facts about the song:

  1. Songwriter and Origin: “All the Young Dudes” was written by David Bowie, who offered the song to Mott the Hoople when the band was on the verge of breaking up. Bowie’s intervention and the success of the song revitalized Mott the Hoople’s career, preventing their disbandment.
  2. Commercial Success: Released as a single in 1972, “All the Young Dudes” became one of Mott the Hoople’s most successful songs. It reached No. 3 on the UK Singles Chart and gained popularity in the United States, where it became a radio hit.
  3. Title Track of the Album: The song served as the title track for Mott the Hoople’s 1972 album, “All the Young Dudes.” The album, produced by Bowie, helped the band achieve mainstream success and is considered a landmark in their discography.
  4. Cultural Impact: “All the Young Dudes” is often associated with the glam rock era of the early 1970s. Its anthemic chorus and memorable lyrics contributed to its cultural impact, making it a classic rock staple. The song has been covered by various artists over the years.
  5. Lyrical Themes: The lyrics of “All the Young Dudes” convey a sense of rebellion and the challenges faced by the younger generation. The song captures the spirit of the early 1970s and resonated with the youth culture of the time. Its timeless message has continued to resonate with subsequent generations.



Well, Billy rapped all night about his suicide
How he’d kick it in the head when he was twenty-five
Speed jive, don’t want to stay alive
When you’re twenty-five
And Wendy’s stealing clothes from Marks & Sparks
And Freddy’s got spots from ripping off the stars from his face
Funky little boat race

Television man is crazy saying we’re juvenile delinquent wrecks
Oh, man, I need TV when I’ve got T.Rex
Oh brother, you guessed
I’m a dude, dad

Hey dudes!
(Carry the news) Where are ya?
(Boogaloo dudes) Stand up, c’mon
(Carry the news)
(All the young dudes) I want to hear you
(Carry the news) I want to see you
(Boogaloo dudes) I want to talk to you, all of you
(Carry the news) Now!

Now Lucy looks sweet cause he dresses like a queen
But he can kick like a mule, it’s a real mean team
But we can love
Oh yes, we can love
And my brother’s back at home with his Beatles and his Stones
We never got it off on that revolution stuff
What a drag, too many snags

Now I’ve drunk a lot of wine and I’m feeling fine
Got to race some cat to bed
Oh is that concrete all around
Or is it in my head?
I’m a dude, dad

Hey dudes!
(Carry the news) Where are ya?
(Boogaloo dudes) Stand up
(Carry the news) Ha, ha
(All the young dudes) I want to hear ya
(Carry the news) I want to see you
(Boogaloo dudes) I want to relate to you
(Carry the news)
(All the young dudes) What dudes?
(Carry the news) Let’s hear the news, c’mon!
(Boogaloo dudes) I want to kick you, ha, ha, ha, ha
(Carry the news)

Hey, you there
(All the young dudes)
With the glasses
(Carry the news) I want you
(Boogaloo dudes) I want you in the front
(Carry the news) Now
Now, you’re his friends
(All the young dudes) Now you bring him down
‘Cause I want him
(Carry the news) Ha, ha, ha
(Boogaloo dudes) I want him right here
Bring him, c’mon
(Carry the news) Bring him
Ha, ha
Here you go
(All the young dudes)
I’ve wanted to do this for years ha, ha
(Carry the news)
There you go!
(Boogaloo dudes)
How’d it feel?
(Carry the news)