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I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever – Elvis Presley – 1962

About The Song

“I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever” is a romantic ballad by Elvis Presley, released in 1962. It showcases Presley’s smooth vocal delivery and is known for its tender lyrics. Here are five facts about the song:

  1. Release Date: The song was released in 1962 as part of the album “Pot Luck,” which features a mix of studio recordings and songs from Presley’s movie soundtracks.
  2. Songwriters: “I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever” was written by Doc Pomus and Alan Jeffreys, contributing to the collaborative efforts of the Pomus-Shuman songwriting team.
  3. Album Inclusion: The song is one of the tracks included on the “Pot Luck” album, adding to the diverse repertoire of Presley’s musical styles showcased in the collection.
  4. Romantic Theme: The lyrics of the song express romantic sentiments and the feeling of an enduring connection, fitting well within Presley’s repertoire of love ballads.
  5. Production and Style: The song features a gentle and melodic arrangement, complementing Presley’s expressive and heartfelt vocal performance. It reflects the softer side of Presley’s musical persona, contrasting with his more upbeat and rock-oriented tracks.



Your lips, your eyes, your soft sweet sighs
I feel that I’ve known you forever
Your style, your touch, you’re just too much
I feel that I’ve known you forever

I know that this never happened to me
Don’t have to see anymore than I see
Your face, so rare beyond compare
I feel that I’ve known you forever
And ever and ever