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How’s the World Treating You – Elvis – 1956

About The Song

“How’s the World Treating You” is a country ballad performed by Elvis Presley, released in 1956 as a single. The song reflects Presley’s versatility as an artist, showcasing his ability to interpret and perform various genres beyond rock and roll.

Five facts about Elvis Presley’s “How’s the World Treating You”:

  1. Song Origin: “How’s the World Treating You” was originally written and recorded by Chet Atkins and Boudleaux Bryant in 1953. Elvis Presley’s version, recorded at Sun Studio in Memphis, was part of his early repertoire that demonstrated his interest in and influence from different musical styles.
  2. B-Side Release: The song was the B-side of the single “Playing for Keeps,” released in 1956. While “Playing for Keeps” was the promoted side, “How’s the World Treating You” gained appreciation for its poignant lyrics and Presley’s heartfelt delivery.
  3. Collaboration with Chet Atkins: Chet Atkins, a renowned country guitarist and producer, played a significant role in the creation of the original version of the song. The collaboration between Atkins and Elvis added a layer of authenticity to Presley’s interpretation of the country ballad.
  4. Country Influence: “How’s the World Treating You” exemplifies Presley’s ability to embrace diverse musical genres. The song leans towards a traditional country sound, featuring acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar, and a melancholic atmosphere that sets it apart from Presley’s more upbeat rock and roll hits.
  5. Chart Performance: While not as commercially successful as some of Presley’s more rock-oriented singles, “How’s the World Treating You” still performed well on the charts, reaching No. 22 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song’s inclusion in Presley’s discography highlights his willingness to experiment with different musical styles and expand his artistic range.



I’ve had nothing but sorrow
Since you said we were through
There’s no hope for tomorrow
How’s the world treating you?
Every sweet thing that mattered
Has been broken in two
All my dreams have been shattered
How’s the world treating you?

Got no plans for next Sunday
Got no plans for today
Every day is blue Monday
Every day you’re away

Every sweet thing that mattered
How’s the world treating you?
And I’m asking you darling
How’s the world treating you?