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Gently – Elvis Presley – 1960

About The Song

“Gently” is a romantic ballad recorded by Elvis Presley in 1961, known for its tender lyrics and smooth delivery. Here are five facts about the song:

  1. Recording and Release: Elvis recorded “Gently” on June 8, 1961, at RCA Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee. The song was released as a single in 1961, with “I’m Comin’ Home” on the B-side.
  2. Songwriting Credits: “Gently” was written by Murray Wisell and Edward Lisbona. The song features a gentle melody and lyrics that express a heartfelt sentiment, fitting the title.
  3. Orchestral Arrangement: The song is notable for its lush orchestral arrangement, which adds to the romantic and dreamy quality of the composition. Elvis’s smooth vocal delivery complements the elegant instrumentation.
  4. Chart Performance: While “Gently” didn’t achieve the same chart success as some of Elvis’s major hits, it received positive reviews for its melodic charm. The single reached the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  5. Album Inclusion: In addition to its release as a single, “Gently” was included in Elvis’s album “Pot Luck,” released in 1962. The album showcased a mix of styles, including rock, pop, and ballads, highlighting Elvis’s versatility as a singer.



Gently your eyes met mine
Tender, trusting, true
Gently your hand took mine
Thrilled me through and through

Gently, oh so gently
Gentle as the dawn
Gently, oh so gently
Our true love was born

Gently your lips kissed mine
As we strolled along
Gently your heart touched mine
Young and warm and strong

Gently the hour is near
When true loves have to part
Gently we’ll meet again
One more kiss, sweetheart