Y&R Spoilers: Ashley Pushes Tucker to Sell to Devon Instead of Newman – Audra Walks in on Victoria and Nate Kissing

In this episode of the CBS soap opera, The Young and the Restless, Ashley and Abby have a conversation about Tucker’s intentions, while Chelsea proposes an idea to Daniel. Meanwhile, Tucker confronts Ashley and asks about her plans. In the previous episode, Diane received a mysterious message from Stark that left her unsettled, Chance had a heated argument with Diane and Jack, and Nate added to the tensions between Devon and Lily.

Tucker comments that Audra’s tactics used to be more sophisticated, and he is no longer impressed by her beauty alone. He realizes that she is not truly on his side and is unsure of how to proceed. As he attempts to touch her hair, she rebuffs him and pretends not to understand his insinuations. Tucker reminds her that he taught her how to perfect her innocent facade.

Audra admits that she’s only looking out for herself, but Tucker tells her that he’s no longer interested in that kind of behavior. He implies that he’s found someone else who satisfies him. When Audra comments on Tucker’s newfound love, he asks if she’s jealous.

After Audra leaves, Tucker contemplates his situation and reminds her that he taught her most of what she knows but not everything. Ashley later joins her daughter Abby at Society, where they discuss the Hamilton-Winters battle and how it could be a significant opportunity for Devon.

Ashley admits she doesn’t know, but she’s worried about what he’s up to. She urges Abby to persuade Tucker to sell to Devon rather than to Newman Enterprises. Abby agrees to try, but she’s skeptical that Tucker will listen. They both agree that they need to stay on top of things and be prepared for any potential outcomes.

It seems like there is some complicated interpersonal drama happening between Ashley, Tucker, and Abby. Ashley seems to be conflicted about Tucker’s intentions and whether or not she can trust him, while Abby is wary of giving him another chance. It’s unclear from this brief snippet what exactly Tucker has done to lose their trust and be labeled a habitual liar.

Meanwhile, in the Newman office, Nate is questioning Victoria about her motives for going after McCall. He wants to know if she’s willing to take risks to achieve her goal, which suggests that going after McCall may be a risky endeavor. Without more context, it’s hard to say what exactly they are after or what the potential consequences might be.

She describes her strategy to break up McCall and redistribute their assets, with a specific plan in mind for him. She proposes that he could potentially lead their entertainment division and believes it would be foolish not to pursue this opportunity. She believes that there’s nothing wrong with pursuing more when it’s available, but it’s important to determine the best way to do so.

Nate advises that they should wait until their insider provides more information about the situation, including who purchased the debt. They both express curiosity about gathering as much information as possible before making any further moves.

Victoria confesses that having power and control is more valuable to her than money, and then she and her companion begin kissing.

Just then, Audra enters the hallway and knocks on the door. Victoria and her companion answer and Audra questions if she’s interrupting anything.

In response, they claim that they were simply discussing Tucker and inquire if Audra has any useful information to share.

In the park, Lily is talking to Daniel and wonders if they’re having a conversation or if she’s just venting. They both enjoy the silence between them, and Lily admits that it’s been a while since she’s felt so connected and comfortable with someone. They lean in to kiss but then pull back, feeling awkward. They both apologize and suggest that they should be honest with each other so they can avoid any further uncomfortable situations. Daniel shares that he’s going through a tough time as the woman he planned to spend his life with just confessed her love for someone else, he’s uncertain about when he’ll see his daughter again, and his mother is inserting herself into his life. Lily reveals that her life is a mess as well, having just broken up with her COO/boyfriend and entering into a legal battle with her brother. They commiserate about how much love sucks.

Later at Crimson Lights, Devon is on the phone with Christine and says that if Jill and Lily want to go to war, he’s willing to fight back.

Devon sees Lily and Daniel coming in and decides to leave.

Lily and Daniel sit down at a table, and Daniel questions whether it’s worth continuing with Omegasphere since he can’t win his family back. Lily encourages him to keep pursuing his dream because it’s more significant than just winning his family back. She believes that his platform could provide an emotional outlet for people, and many could benefit from it.

Suddenly, Chelsea interrupts their conversation and asks about Daniel’s project, suggesting that his platform could help individuals who are struggling emotionally.

Chelsea shares her idea with Daniel and Lily and wants to pick his brain. She talks about her difficult journey and how someone gave her faith in herself, but unfortunately, they died. She joined a podcast and found purpose, but that also ended. Then she met Johnny, but he initially rejected her, and she went through a lot of pain. She felt like the world would be better off without her, but someone talked her off the ledge, and she thanks God for them every day.

Chelsea believes that nobody can help someone who has gone through a tough time like someone who has also been through it. Lily asks if Chelsea is ready to take on this project, and Chelsea explains how the game could teach coping mechanisms.

After thinking it over, Daniel sees the potential in the idea and wants to pursue it. Lily looks concerned.

Meanwhile, Devon meets Abby at Society and vents about his sister’s determination to go to war. They discuss the situation again, and he complains about Nate and Tucker.

Ashley visits Tucker in his suite and he expresses his relief to see her after his previous conversation. He inquires about her plan, and they pour themselves a drink. Tucker shares his readiness to let go of his current situation and start fresh, but only for the right price. Ashley questions if he would do it for the right reasons, and suggests that he should sell to Devon instead of Newman.


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