B&B Spoilers: Thomas Gets One More Chance From Steffy – Sheila Unable To Attend Deacon’s Opening And Cries

The Bold and the Beautiful’s full episode recap on February 28th, 2023 shows Wyatt and Liam urging Bill to abandon his intimidation of Taylor, Steffy expressing her frustration with Sheila, and Deacon reminiscing with Sheila about their past relationship.

Additionally, in Monday’s episode recap, Steffy aimed to put a stop to Sheila’s meddling, while Deacon prepared for his restaurant’s grand opening event at Il Giardino.

During the event, Sheila informs Deacon that she cannot attend, citing her emotional attachment to him as the reason for her reluctance to attend.

He’s not requesting that she sacrifices her independence, just that she attends the grand opening event.

She perceives his request as unfeasible, but he reminds her that accomplishing the impossible is her forte. This occasion is the most significant one in his life, and he desires her presence there.

He reminisces about their initial encounter, where she was wearing a red outfit. It took him a day to realize it was her, and he still can’t believe it.

She inquires why he took her in when he was frightened, to which he responds, “You know the answer to that.” There is something exceptional about her, perhaps because she’s capable of anything.

She mentions that Bill expresses similar sentiments towards her. Although it’s sweet that Deacon views her as an inspiration, she cannot attend his grand opening because of Bill.

They laugh about how they used to play rough, and she acknowledges the good times they had. However, she asserts that they cannot behave that way anymore.

Deacon doesn’t want to interfere with her life, so he requests that she ensures that Bill treats her well.

They hug, and she wishes him good luck.

As soon as she steps outside, tears begin to roll down her cheeks.

At Bill’s place, Wyatt and Liam attempt to persuade their father about Sheila. However, Wyatt receives a business call, and his father demands that he answers it.

Liam implores Bill to retract his threat against Taylor. When Wyatt returns, he informs his father that Sheila is a deceitful individual who only causes harm. As a result, there’s no way Bill can rely on her.

Bill refuses to justify his relationship with anyone, which infuriates Wyatt. Bill then takes a sip of his drink and maintains that Sheila accepts him.

Wyatt reiterates that no one can trust Sheila. They inquire if their father is listening to them, to which he confirms that he is. They question whether he would imprison her if she betrayed him, but he insists that she wouldn’t.

At the cliff house, Taylor inquires about how Steffy and Finn are handling Douglas living with them. Steffy talks about their worries over Sheila and the challenges of work and Finn being on call. She blames Bill for putting them in such a difficult situation and vows to find a way to get Sheila out of their lives.

Taylor wonders if Bill and Sheila’s relationship is genuine. She urges her children to pull together and fill the void in their lives. Thomas arrives, and Taylor admits she set up the meeting to encourage them to talk things out.

Thomas apologizes to Steffy for his mistakes and regrets that they have affected Douglas. He acknowledges that he is responsible for his current situation and is working to become a better person. He seeks Steffy’s help in gaining back their family’s trust and begs for another chance.

Steffy loves her brother and is willing to give him another chance, but warns him that he needs to be responsible and not break their faith again. Taylor advises him to focus on doing the work rather than making promises.

She affirms her belief in their family’s resilience, despite the many challenges they have faced. She takes their hands and assures them of her unwavering support. Together, they form a strong unit that cannot be broken, and as Forresters, they are a formidable force. They embrace each other warmly.


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